This week brings an overview of the presentation that Dr Feroza Mansoor will deliver to delegates at The 2017 Women in Leadership Conference on 8 August at the Birchwood Hotel...

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The 2017 Women in Leadership Conference

The inspirational 2017 'Women in Leadership' Conference will take place on 8 August 2017 from 08:00 - 17:00 at The Birchwood Hotel in Johannesburg.

This annual conference, now in its sixth year, addresses the challenges women face today in the corporate world through an examination of the real-life experiences of successful South African women and is specifically tailored for executives, managers, high-potential leaders and corporate teams, as well as anybody who champions their success!

This event is a valuable source of insights and networking opportunities and offers you an avenue to engage with women leaders in various organisations, who are redefining what constitutes success for women! You will be inspired by the stories of women who have navigated to the very top of their organisations and be provided with practical tools and knowledge to enhance your own leadership and management skills in order to create a competitive and sustainable advantage.

With a fantastic line-up of speakers so far (with more to be confirmed in the coming weeks) and our scintillating 2017 theme — "Resilience" — this year's conference is not-to-be-missed!

This Year's Theme: Resilience

Resilience is defined by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as the “ability to absorb and adapt in a changing environment.” Whether describing the resilience of an individual, an organisation, or a community of any size, this definition provides us guidance. The question then becomes, “Resilience against what?”

Most often discussions about resilience focus on the ability of the individual, organisation, or community to resist being impacted in a negative manner when something “bad” happens. On the positive side, individuals, organisations and communities that can adapt and manage change are considered to be more resilient than those that don’t or can’t adapt and change.

Organisations that show best practice in these areas, have more resilient workplaces: Available Resources, Continual Improvement, Effective Leadership, Healthy Culture, Change Management, Risk Management, Shared Vision, Sharing of Information and Understanding of Context.

In addition to effectively managing risk, it is just as important that the organisation has effective and empowered leaders at all levels – leaders who are trusted and respected, and leaders who can make decisions. Culture also plays an important role in an organisation’s resilience. An organisational culture that values input from everyone, fosters creativity and innovation, values knowledge, learning, and continual improvement and that communicates effectively will be more resilient than one that does not. However, organisational resilience is more than managing risk, engaging leadership, and having a healthy culture. The organisation must be financially viable and provide a product or service.

The 2017 Women in Leadership Conference will focus on the Leadership Value of Resilience for organisational and individual longevity, and create a platform for Women in Leadership to come together, engage and collaborate around issues of diversity and gender equality and collaboration in the landscape of South Africa.

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Feedback From Previous Conferences

“A fantastic experience with some very real and relevant issues discussed. SUPERB!!!”
“An excellent, life-changing conference, not just for me but also for the ladies around my table...”
“I enjoyed it and think it is a fantastic, worthwhile initiative.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days, learnt a lot of new things!”
“The conference has sharpened and equipped me with tools and shield that I can use in my personal life and in my business.”
“Found it thought provoking and insightful...”
“Super conference both professionally and personally.”
“I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend a leadership conference of this nature. The speaker line-up was outstanding and I walk away with a greater self-awareness and a comprehensive “to do” list.”
“Inspirational and eye opening.”
“A highly informative and interactive conference with great speakers offering an entertaining learning platform.”

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This Year's Speakers

The 2017 Women in Leadership Conference will feature a stellar line-up of speakers who will focus on a range of fascinating topics related to the theme of this year's event — "Resilience".

Keynote Speaker & Master of Ceremonies

Our Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies will be revealed soon!

Elaine Jacob

Elaine Jacob is the Managing Director of The Leadership Academy South Africa, an organisation aimed at unleashing Leadership Talent on the continent and globally. As an International Business Speaker and John Maxwell Certified Coach, Elaine inspires, enlightens and empowers individuals and organisations to tap into the greatness that lies within them and to “aspire higher”, “shine bright” and “ignite the light”… 

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Elaine has had the privilege of being involved in the international development space for over 20 years, working with organisations such as USAID, DFID, CARE INTERNATIONAL and AUSAID to mention a few. She has been instrumental in the Food Security Programme for rural communities over the continent of Africa to prevent malnutrition and also led a 20 million dollar project which advocated for women and girls’ rights in access to water and sanitation services across Africa.

Elaine holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology and is a true global citizen, frequently travelling to the United States, Ethiopia and China. She is the author of “The Treasure Within” (a book which is aimed at unlocking individual potential) and was also the recipient of 3 South African Entrepreneurial Business Awards in 2014 and 2015.

Elaine describes herself as an eternal optimist, a hoper of far-flung hopes and a dreamer of improbable dreams and believes the only limitations that exist are those which we create in our minds. She is happily married to her husband Tony and has a daughter, Ysabelle.

Janine Joubert

Dr. Janine Joubert is an independent consultant and speaker whose passion is to promote innovative leadership thinking and show that ordinary people have the power to be extraordinary leaders. Janine has a deep understanding of how to foster an innovation culture within an organisation. While a single recipe does not exist, certain empirically validated best practices can aid the development of an innovation mindset.

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Janine is an award-winning risk expert, currently an independent lead consultant for CGF Research and a former executive responsible for managing business risks, across local and international operations for Vodacom Group. She has multidisciplinary expertise in the systematic design and development of innovations through integrating processes, business models, technology, best practices and risk management to deliver sustainable value, increase performance and enhance revenue generation.

She has in excess of 20 years experience within the IT industry, of which 15 have been in telecommunications. In addition, she has extensive practical experience in revenue assurance, forensic investigations, risk management and legal directive compliance. Janine has practical hands-on experience of planning, development and commercialisation of technology-diverse products and services to the consumer, business, financial services, and insurance, m-health, e-commerce and m-commerce applications.

Janine has been a keynote speaker and presenter at various national and international conferences and also a guest lecturer at several universities. She also published several research papers on innovation, mobile commerce and electronic commerce in international journals.

Janine has won various awards for her contribution to the industry including the Institute of Risk Management (IRMSA) Risk Manager of the Year award and the Vodacom CEO award.

She holds several post-graduate degrees with distinction, as well as a PhD in Information Systems, specialising in the designing of an innovation and risk framework to improve new product and service development.

In her spare time, Janine is a cross-fit enthusiast. She also ran the Comrades and participates in high-adrenaline activities (despite suffering from vertigo).

Janine lives in Ballito with her partner and her 17-year old stepdaughter.

Susan Quist

Susan Quist

Susan Quist currently serves as the Corporate Services Group leader for the Cummins Africa Middle East Area Business Organisation (“ABO”). In this role, Susan is responsible for Legal, CBS, Ethics & Compliance, Government Relations, IT, B-BBEE Business Transformation, Distribution Business System transformation, and Global Integrated Services, which covers Security, Real Estate, and Facilities. 

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Prior to her current role, Susan led the Legal & Corporate Affairs function as Director & Corporate Counsel for Cummins Africa.  In that role, Susan provided day-to-day legal and business counsel to the ABO and oversaw the Ethics & Compliance and Government Relations functions of the ABO.

Before joining Cummins, Susan worked for Habitat for Humanity International Inc. where she served as Assistant General Counsel and provided day-to-day legal and business counsel on a wide range of complex and multi-discipline matters including compliance and risk management to Habitat’s Africa-Middle East (AME) area office.  In that role, she worked directly with AME’s Area Vice President and Habitat’s senior leadership team to provide legal counsel and support in all aspects of HFHI’s operations in the AME region and globally.  She served as manager of their enterprise risk management (“ERM”) initiative, overseeing and managing the implementation of the Organisation’s ERM framework in the AME region.  Before moving to Habitat’s AME area office, Susan worked in Habitat’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia where she handled their U.S. field operations.  Prior to joining Habitat, Susan worked for Nelson Mullins, LLP, a leading law firm in the Southeastern region of the U.S.  She worked in various areas of the law and managed and litigated several cases.

Susan is passionate about diversity and service to the community.  While in private practice, she provided several hundred hours of pro bono legal service to indigent clients.  She argued before the South Carolina Court of Appeals and secured a reversal of a lower court’s order terminating her indigent client’s parental rights.  Susan served on the board of directors of a number of charities including Crisis Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated providing food, shelter, and hope to the homeless in Charleston, South Carolina.  Susan also served as a member of the Executive Board of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys and the board of directors of House of Restoration Africa (HORA).  GABWA is a non-profit organization that galvanizes the power of Black women attorneys to empower women and children.  HORA is a charity which provides social and educational support programs to underprivileged children and families in Atlanta and Ghana.  Susan currently serves as the sponsor of the AME ABO’s women’s affinity group and plays an active role in driving gender diversity initiatives across the organization.

Susan is a middle child with two brothers.  Her mother and older brother live in Ghana and her younger brother lives in Washington D.C.

Feroza Mansoor

Dr Feroza Mansoor

Presenting "Resilience, Recalibrate and Respond" (View Topic Info)

Dr Feroza Mansoor is a medical doctor and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health. She is the Director of her own company called "Life In Your Hands" which has the philosophy that links directly to her passion for growth, development and transformation. Her company focuses on Training and Development, Executive Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Transformation Workshops and Leadership Development with a focus on Authentic Leadership from the Heart...

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Feroza believes in being a change facilitator to empower individuals to transform themselves from the inside-out and to unlock the potential for “Authentic Leadership from the Heart” in others.

She initiated and pioneered the first Trade Union HIV Project in 1997 and gained extensive Executive Management and Project Management experience over a decade in the industry as a National Project Director. She managed to steer the National Project (with multiple sub-projects) to success in the most politically and socially challenging environments with extremely limited resources. The project continues to date as the Union’s “Worker Health Programme” with Pepfar funding. Feroza has first-hand experience of the challenges that women in leadership and women executives experience and how to overcome them, as well as staff coaching and mentoring. Since 2008 she has worked as an independent consultant on various projects including National Department of Health Projects.

Feroza has a passion for the growth and development of individuals and believes that knowledge is power. Her approach to life focuses on self-empowerment and she believes in walking the walk and talking the talk. Her personal journey has led her from a place of being a victim of abuse to a survivor of abuse and now a “thriver” of life. Biodanza has played a critical role in her healing and transformation and she now works as a Biodanza Facilitator, sharing this dance healing methodology as a tool for transformation.

Biodanza is an integrated system based on the Biocentric Principle, which puts life first and which puts life at the centre. It uses music and movement and allows for self-expression. She has been facilitating classes since 2014 and currently facilitates weekly classes in Pretoria. She also does corporate conferences and teamwork activities.

Feroza is trained as an Executive Coach using brain-based coaching techniques to help people transform their thinking, modify their behaviour and transform their lives. She is also trained in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Family Mediation. She has extensive experience with workshop development and facilitation and does group and team coaching.

Feroza also believes in Holistic Healing of individuals and has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the mind–body–soul link to health and wellness. She believes in proactive health not reactive health and believes in empowering individuals. She ascribes to the philosophy that a healer is a facilitator for the person seeking healing and that the power to heal themselves lies in their own hands. She is passionate about growth and development and is consistently learning new skills all the time to enhance her offering to her clients.

Her philosophy is based on the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world” and she chooses to live her life daily through “conscious choice”.

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Dr Feroza Mansoor - Resilience, Recaliberate, Respond

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